[Startup Interview] Gül Akcaova, Founder and owner, Sidekick Mattie
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Dutch Creative Industry interviews Gül Akcaova, founder and owner of Sidekick Mattie that works with users to tame distraction from social media apps.

Please describe Sidekick Mattie?

 Sidekick Mattie is a startup that empowers users to maintain focus without distraction from social media. It is an app that blocks the internet based on your concentration span so you won’t get distracted or stressed by social media and other apps.

Why did you start Sidekick Mattie?

 I started Sidekick Mattie because of the fact that I was distracted by social media during my study. One day I wondered if I could change it and also help others like me.

Who owns Sidekick Mattie?

 I own Sidekick Mattie together with the paid users who can influence the way we are developing it.

Where are you located?

 Sidekick Mattie is located in Utrecht (NL), at StudentsInc to be precise. The incubator for students in Utrecht.

How is Sidekick Mattie financed?

 With savings and funding from family and subscribers

What distinguishes Sidekick Mattie from other businesses in the industry?

 Sidekick Mattie is not collecting any data from the users to sell. We don’t advertise and we don’t stalk you. And of course there is no other app that provides users a proper time management method and prevents distraction at the same time.

What is it clients wants from you?

What does Sidekick Mattie need to grow?

 More subscribers!

What are your international ambitions?

 My ambition is to make the app Sidekick Mattie available in other languages and find partners to market it in other countries like France where they would like to forbid smartphones in schools.

Any recent news you would like to share?

 Sidekick Mattie recently got selected to be semifinalist in Philips Innovation Award.



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