Global Research Agency MeMo² wins 5 IAB Europe Awards
04-06-2020 06:59:45 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 209 | Tags:

MeMo² has won 5 IAB Europe Awards with their latest innovation in cross-media effect measurements, called: THX.

• Research Innovation
• Best Use of Research Budget
• Data Effectiveness
• Cross-Media Measurement
• Audience Measurement

Through THX. MeMo² offers the first platform that can register fully automatically, passively and real-time exposure both online and offline. THX. records real-time consumer movement behavior, including a research system that allows brands, agencies and publishers to understand the relationship between cross-media exposure, actual store visits and brand lift.

With the introduction of this state-of-art mobile technology, MeMo² can register continuous contacts with TV, (digital) audio, online video, social media, cinemas, (digital) outdoor advertising and movement behavior based on a representative group of consumers. All measured from an integrated platform without having to ask a single question.

After two years of development and validation, THX. launched in the Netherlands in November 2019 and has already been successfully used in more than 350 studies. Since then, THX has. traditional (media) research, currencies and general beliefs have been questioned by opening the so-called black box about the effectiveness of cross media.

Marcel Vogels, founder MeMo²: “The THX. platform is the first system in the world to provide real-time, fully automatic cross-media effect measurements per campaign at brand level. Ambitious brands desperately need this way of transparency in order to gain control over and to improve their cross-media ROI in a do-it-yourself way. We proudly say “THX.” against the thousands of active members who use the, against the MeMo² development team for enabling it and, above all, all the ambitious brands that have used this data to achieve brand growth. ”