MtM Global Agency opens a new office in Paris
07-11-2017 08:48:23 | Editor: Max Vlugt | hits: 2827 | Tags:

MtM Global Agency, currently MorethanMedia, crosses the border. The company collaborates with Four Communications in London to modify foreign campaigns, but considers it now the time to cross the border itself.

Salomé Wazir Daftari, founder/CEO of MtM Global Agency: "The reason for this is quite simple, the Netherlands has only few Luxury Brands with its headquarters in the Netherlands, most of them are placed in countries such as France, Italy and England. Due to the success of the French office, we will be launching offices in these countries."

Paul Wilmer will lead the office in France. He is a marketer in heart and soul. Paul has been working as Marketing Director of Nissan in France for over 10 years. Soon the French office will organize a launch party in Paris. Luxury Brands in the Benelux and France will be invited.

MorethanMedia was founded in March 2011 by Salomé Wazir Daftari and Mauritz Briët. The company has experienced growth in Luxury and Lifestyle Brands and has come up with the purchase and strategy for, among others, Fromanteel watches and Holland Casino. The core business of MtM is currently media strategy and media purchase, especially for cross-media campaigns.

Daftari: "Our ambitions are big and therefore we are now crossing the border. Many media agencies are only focusing on online or offline and we can combine that very well. We really believe we can benefit from this."

She emphasizes that many media agencies are having difficult times and companies like Publicitas have closed their doors in the Benelux, of what MtM makes skillful use of.

MtM will have in January 2018 a new website and new name. MorethanMedia then becomes MtM Global Agency.