Uber for Business expands Eats platform to more markets
10-04-2020 10:21:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 880 | Tags:

Uber for Business has announced the expansion of its Uber Eats product to more than 20 countries in 2020 with initial launches in United Kingdom, Canada, France and Brazil.

This, in a bid to serve the needs of its communities and customers who continue to work from home in the wake of the corona virus crisis.

The company further adds that the latest expansion seeks to broaden the delivery marketplace for restaurants that have partnered with Uber Eats and ensure that they have access to higher volume, repeat orders. This, as the company notes a growing interest from companies to support their employees who are working from home and have limited food options.

To respond to this new development, Uber for Business has also introduced a series of features make it easier for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the offering. Among them include the ability for employees to use their individual corporate cards and manage their orders through a business profile on the Uber Eats app or website.

GoodRx, a resource for healthcare savings, has been one of the Uber Eats clients seeking to support its employees.

Reena Scoblionko, Vice President of People, GoodRx : “At GoodRx we are consistently looking for ways to acknowledge our dedicated team. With the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to continue to foster a strong, now remote, employee community while prioritizing our team and their families’ wellbeing. Offering Uber Eats to our team is a great way to show our appreciation during this time, as well as to help support our local economy and restaurants.”

Referral program software company Talkable, has been using Uber Eats to cater to their employees’ needs.

 Nataliia Fisunenko, Operations Coordinator, Talkable: “In challenging times like these, having access to Uber Eats couldn’t be more timely for Talkable. We’re pleased to partner with Uber and help ensure employees have access to a hot meal, while simultaneously supporting local restaurants.”

To facilitate the health and wellbeing of its users among them partner restaurants and delivery people, Uber has also instituted new features and policies.

To encourage contactless delivery, Uber has championed the leave at the door delivery.

It is also working to provide delivery people with sanitizing supplies, and is supporting drivers and delivery people with financial assistance in the event of COVID-19 diagnosis or being individually quarantined.

This, even as it continues to regularly share safety best practices from public health authorities with restaurant partners and delivery people. It has been encouraging restaurants to ensure that all food is sealed in tamper-evident packaging.

This latest expansion solidifies Uber for Business’ quest to get more companies to embrace the power of on-demand mobility and gain access to delivery services.