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Kyra Steegs - Improve Digital: Turning Legacy TV Roads into Programmatic Superhighways
05-12-2018 | 08:27:00
We’ve all been waiting for the moment when it will be possible to marry the reach and content that broadcast once had with the targeted, real-time, personalised ad experience that user-based data can offer

Improve Digital launches First Price Auction option
07-03-2018 | 20:43:00
Improve Digital launches the First Price Auction option in their Header Bidding solution. Clients now have the choice between running either first or second price auction as part of the bid request

[Column] Sebastiaan Moesman: Why transparency and sustainability in programmatic matter now, more than ever
19-12-2017 | 09:30:00
As we look back at a decade of programmatic advertising, it has been and continues to be an inspiring time to be in digital advertising. That’s true even though this year specifically

Improve Digital provides Guardian with programmatic advertising platform
12-12-2017 | 15:03:00
Improve Digital today announces a new deal to serve Guardian News & Media with its SSP advertising platform, to help further monetise the publisher’s online advertising

Kyra Steegs (Improve Digital): Programmatic TV Advertising; everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it
28-10-2017 | 08:54:00
Programmatic TV advertising. It’s everywhere. It’s said to be the future of programmatic advertising but the more people talk about it, the more confusing it seems to get

Aee-Ni Jaskolla Chief Product Officer Improve Digital
10-10-2017 | 09:21:28
In her position Jaskolla will work closely with various departments to amplify the company’s product, 360 Polaris, proactively creating opportunities and enabling Improve Digital’s clients to be industry leaders

Perform Group expands partnership with Improve Digital to the Nordics
26-02-2017 | 13:42:00
Digital sports content and media company Perform Group expands its collaboration with all-in-one video advertising platform Improve Digital to the Nordics.

Improve Digital signs TP Vision as smart TV client
21-02-2017 | 21:22:00
Improve Digital, the all-in-one video advertising platform for publishers, content providers and broadcasters, announces its partnership with TP Vision, one of the world’s leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturers