[Startup Interview] Anton Kooijman, Elwin Gastelaars, Founders, Be-Addy, The Netherlands
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Dutch startup Be-Addy works with media agencies and advertisers to create, optimize and automate their media plans. Anton KooijmanElwin Gastelaars, the founders of the online advertising company elaborate.

Introduce your company

Be-Addy is a Dutch company that provides software for agencies and advertisers to create and optimize media plans.

Who are the founders?

The startup was founded by Anton Kooijman and Elwin Gastelaars

Anton Kooijman has sold his previous company AdCombination to Specific Media in 2012 and was Managing Director Northern Europe with Rubicon Project. Elwin Gastelaars started his career at RTL Ventures and led the international roll-out of SpotX Inc. in the Nordics and Benelux ...read the full interview here