C&A selects Dept to enhance its e-commerce platform
15-07-2020 11:12:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 13130 | Tags:

Retail clothing store C&A has picked Dept to support the optimization of its webshop and app as it seeks to offer customers seamless digital user experience.

For the last three months, analysts, developers UX and UI designers from Dept have been working with C&A to develop and improve the webshop on both mobile and desktop.

C&A is getting ready for the digital future: the intelligent UX design and modern front-end development are data-driven and user-oriented, so online visitors enjoy an online experience that is more convenient and offers a clear overview. Besides that, the improvement of the e-commerce platform is expected to increase digital performance.

Ulrike Otto, unit leader user experience at C&A: “We want to offer our customers the best possible user experience and we are very happy with the support of Dept. The digital agency understood our complex needs and we look forward to the opportunities that the collaboration will offer in the future. ”

Verena Sandbote, Managing Director of Design & Technology, Dept: “Together with C&A, we’ve created the ultimate digital experience. The holistic approach is key for C&A to become a successful e-commerce company.”