Logitech partners with Amazon and Zoom to redefine meeting room experiences for businesses
15-07-2020 11:04:06 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 11410 | Tags:

 Logitech has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Zoom to launch Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms with Alexa for Business, a new and innovative way that will allow customers to enhance their meeting room experience through contactless collaboration.

With businesses now embracing hybrid work environments, Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms and Alexa for Business, a service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables organizations and employees to use Alexa to get more work done, provide companies with a simple no-touch, voice-activated solution.

Scott Wharton, General Manager and Vice President, Logitech Video Collaboration: “It’s important we continue to evolve the meeting room experience to better support the needs of our changing workplace. People are very comfortable with voice commands at home thanks to the adoption of Amazon Alexa—it’s now becoming a natural experience in the business world. We’re now able to be more efficient around utilization of meeting rooms, allowing businesses to deploy videoconferencing even faster by simply using voice to reserve rooms, schedule meetings, and start or end video calls.”

Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms support Alexa for Business with the Logitech Tap controller, Mini PC, and a Zoom Certified Logitech Rally or MeetUp conferencecam. IT admins can simply download the Alexa for Business client to their Mini PC, and with just a few clicks, they can enable Alexa for their meeting room.

Once installed, the microphone on any Logitech Solution for Zoom Room can detect Alexa voice commands and perform the requested action. Commands like, “Alexa, start the meeting,” can then be used to enable your conference camera and begin Zoom meetings even faster. Once the wake word is detected, a tone will play and a blue bar will display on the TV, letting users know when Alexa is engaged in receiving or sending audio.

Collin Davis, General Manager for Alexa for Business, Amazon Web Services, Inc : “We are delighted to collaborate with Logitech and Zoom to introduce hands-free voice control to their industry leading room solution. Customers love using Alexa for Business to voice enable meeting rooms, and by integrating directly with Zoom Rooms, Alexa for Business has never been easier to deploy. Together we are delivering an end to end solution that will enable enterprises to be voice-first.”

Neal Piliavin, Director of Collaboration, HubSpot: “Together with Zoom and Logitech Tap, Alexa for Business has made it easier for our employees to join meetings and book nearby conference rooms. Those tools will also make it safer for employees returning to our offices by eliminating the need to touch surfaces in conference rooms. Looking to the future, voice assistants show promise in increasing productivity and making meetings more effective.”

Alexa for Business lets employees reserve meeting rooms and start and end conference calls using intuitive voice commands by integrating with room calendars in Google G Suite, Office365, or Microsoft Exchange. In addition, Logitech’s Tap motion sensor can be leveraged to improve room utilization by automatically releasing rooms when nobody shows up. Finally, customers can leverage Alexa for Business to answer common questions as well as provide new custom work experiences through building private Alexa skills. For example, users could say, “Alexa, what is our weekly company briefing?”

Jeff Smith, Head of Zoom Rooms, Zoom Video Communications, Inc: “With the global health crisis, we need to provide our users with touchless experiences that help them limit physical contact with frequently used devices. The future of work must be a safe future. We look forward to working with Logitech and AWS to continuously innovate and build a secure and collaborative experience for our customers.”