Nielsen to integrate out of home viewing into national TV measurement
14-07-2020 11:35:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 9194 | Tags:

Nielsen is planning to go ahead with the integration of out-of-home TV viewing into the national TV currency measurement starting in September 2020, as originally planned.

The company has also announced that it will provide additional data on out-of-home behavior to help customers interpret behavior shifts during the pandemic.    

The company had earlier communicated a delay to its plans to integrate out-of-home audiences into the national TV currency this fall. The concern was about consumer behavior, and not the Nielsen methodology. While out-of-home audiences have been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Nielsen says its methodology is strong and the data is reflective of consumer behavior. 

David Kenny, CEO and Chief Diversity Officer, Nielsen: "That said, after speaking with many clients and learning more about your specific agreements for the upcoming season, it became clear that we had misunderstood the extent to which upfront deals have already been agreed to using out-of-home metrics. Given the circumstances, we recognize that a delay would cause greater disruption to the industry than maintaining our original plan. I also believe Nielsen needs to deliver on our promises, so that you can transact with trust and confidence."